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Plastacim 177

Specialized Acrylic Copolymer-Based liquid that reacts with Portland cement to create a Durable Waterproof Barrier providing Weather-Resistant Waterproofing and protection against water and contaminants.

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Acceleron A122

A concentrated solution that accelerates setting, enhances plasticity, and reduces shrinkage in concrete. Promoting Faster Setting Time, Early Strength Development, and Increased Compressive Strength in concrete structures

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Aldacive XA204

A third-generation polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer for demanding concrete applications, generating High-Flow Concrete with Rapid Early Strength and Extended Slump Retention. Ideal for Hot and Tropical Climates, it combines strength with durability for challenging projects

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Protech-Seal 717

A Water-based Sealer formulated with styrene acrylic, ideal for both Internal and External Masonry Surfaces. Suitable for new and previously painted surfaces, it provides a cost-effective solution for protecting and enhancing various types of masonry.

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Hydrogard POG414

A third-generation superplasticizer for High-Flow Concrete, offering Exceptional Flow Retention properties without increasing water content. Designed for applications requiring Superior Workability and Water Resistance, it facilitates easier placement and finishing

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