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Sustainable Construction Solutions

Our team comprises passionate and experienced professionals with extensive chemical knowledge and industry expertise. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio aimed at providing our customers with sustainable building solutions. Our unwavering focus on customer trends, industrial needs, innovation, and bringing new products to the market significantly contributes to our customers’ success.

Our Specialization

Complex problems often find resolution through simple solutions. We firmly believe that innovation, collaboration, and quality are the essential keys to sustainable building solutions. Through continuous innovation, we continually advance simple solutions


Innovation lies at the heart of our success. We foster closer integration between research and development, incorporating customer requirements earlier and more intensively into our innovation process for the greater mutual benefit.


Collaboration is the key to achieving long-term business success and fostering competitiveness. By seamlessly integrating industry expertise and customer ideas, we strive to accomplish tasks with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.


We place utmost importance on measuring conformance quality while relentlessly pursuing product development and technological excellence, aiming to leverage product quality to deliver sustainable construction solutions.


By seamlessly intertwining our values with our products, solutions, and technologies, we make sustainability an integral part of our strategy, goals, processes, and business model. This approach establishes trust and strengthens our commitment to our partners and customers.


Cementitious Waterproofing Admixture

Triton is a reactive liquid specially formulated to react with cement to create a strong, durable waterproof barrier. Cement mixed with Triton hardens on the surface to which it is applied, providing a waterproof system that withstands heat and weather changes, protecting the media from further water and contaminant penetration

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